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Stop Your Divorce - full review

Stop Your Divorce is an ebook written by Homer McDonald, a traditional marriage counselor. He's mostly retired, but still does phone sessions with people who read his ebook. The ebook is promoted by an internet marketing company, so when you're on the site you're not really doing business with him. 

On the site, in addition to information about buying the Stop Your Divorce program, Mr. McDonald offers a fair amount of information for free. The site talks about common mistakes people make while trying to stop their divorce. It also offers advice about what you should do instead. You can read it yourself, but you'll see that the advice sounds like psychological chess playing rather than advice for an authentic reconciliation. The advice sees spouses are opponents rather than teammates. 

The most concerning part of the program is that it offers what appears to be unethical advice. For example, Mr. McDonald recommends that people date outside the marriage in order to creat jealousy. This advice gives us pause as to the moral framework which Mr. McDonald uses throughout his work and his counseling.