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Joseph Grant - full review
Joseph Grant's Stop Your Divorce program is a downloadable ebook that you get instant access to. So if your situation is urgent and you're feeling anxious this does offer some instant satisfaction. The program includes content like The 13 most Common Relationship Repair Strategies That Never Work, The 80/20 Rules That Keeps Marriages on Track, Six Techniques That Will Make You Irresistible to Your Mate, How to Break the Nagging Habit in 21 Days, Two Magic Divorce Stopping Sentences, Common Marriage Problems and How to Solve Them, and more. The ideas are clearly written and easy to understand.

The author claims to be able to help even in cases where one spouse is uncooperative. In fact, this program would not be appropriate for couples who want to work on their marriage together. It's specifically designed for a spouse dealing with the threat of divorce or abandonment.

We tried to contact the author but were not successful. This ebook seems to be sold by a online publishing company. We could not verify who Josheph Grant is. It does not appear that he's available for counseling sessions to give the reader more help.